Two Piece Swimsuit

There could not be any sexier summer look than in a skimpy two-piece swimsuit with stylish accessories to go with it. However, style is not the only thing that some accessories could help you with. Many of these actually serve a practical use or purpose. When it comes to beachwear accessories, the things that you probably often hear about are hats, scarves, shades, and jewelry. Although not often the topic of beachside fashion, footwear is also a very important accessory that offers protection to your feet from seashells and other objects in the sand that could hurt you. Aside from this, it can also affect your overall look. This is why giving a serious thought to your this pair is a must.

There are various designs and styles of footwear, and so there are good chances that you would surely find one that would make you look your best. Below are some of the factors that you should consider when looking for a pair to go with your bikini.

Different styles

The styles vary from plain flip flops to strappy sandals. For strappy sandals, your choice includes those that have a single strap across the toes as well as straps at the upper part of the ankle for better grip. For a simpler style, flip flops are a  good choice. When paired with a beach wear, tennis shoes can make you look funky and sporty. It can provide protection and comfort to your feet. These may be worn when planning to engage in sports activities or if you just want to stroll around the beach.

Various colors and designs

There are limitless choices for colors and designs for your footwear such as plain, printed, and beaded styles. To help you trim down the wide choices, consider the color and the design of your two-piece. For a swimwear with elaborate design, you can just opt for a footwear without any print. But if you have a plain swimsuit, sandals with cute designs will look great on you.

Quality of materials

The popular material used for beach sandals is full-grain leather. This leather is easy to clean and maintain. Rubber, on the other hand, is best known for the comfort it provides, especially in flip flops and some colorful strappy sandals. For shoes, you have to make sure that the material is water-resistant to avoid the formation of fungus that can cause unpleasant odor.