Thong Swimsuit

Why would anyone wear a thong swimsuit on a crowded beach? Well, there are lots of reasons for women to go crazy shopping for this very skimpy swimwear. Wearing one actually takes a lot of courage, yet many gals still dare to be the beach babe to get most attention. Below are probably some of the reasons a barely-there piece of fabric is trendy.

* You can flaunt your sexy body

Guys really get excited when more is revealed or less is covered. This is why a daring beachwear would draw these guys’ attention to your body. If you have the figure that could make men drool, then there is no better way to show it off than by going to the beach with barely nothing on. Your figure is not the only thing that a skimpy beachwear will show, your flawless skin would also be on display if you dare to have less.

* You can get an even tan all over

Aside from having men swarm around you like bees, wearing triangle tops and thongĀ  also has its practical advantages. If you are wondering how beach babes get golden tan all over their body, a barely-there two-piece is the answer. Wearing this will also prevent you from getting the visible panty lines that could leave nasty marks.

Get protected!

Although there are lots of advantages in wearing little this summer it also has its drawbacks. For one, wearing less also entails less protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Getting sunburn will prevent you from frequenting the beach and enjoying your swim. So to make sure that you are well-protected, apply lotion on your entire body more frequently. Experts also suggest that beach goers should use lotion or cream with high SPF.

Accessorize your swimwear!

Wearing accessories will also enhance your beauty this summer. One of the accessories you can use is an oversized shade, bag, or straw hat. These oversized items would look good on your mini two-piece. You can also wide options for the color and design of your accessories. If you are going to wear a brightly-colored top and bottom, choose accessories that would not be as bright as your swimsuit. For bikinis with floral or exotic designs, shop for a bag or a hat that is simple and plain. You can also use bangles, glass or tribal necklaces, shell anklets, or loop earrings for a sexier look.