String Bikini Swimsuit

If you want to look as hot as the summer sun, accessorize your string bikini swimsuit with fashion jewelry.  These accessories never lose their splendor even under the extreme heat of the sun.  In various designs and styles, you can always find ones that would complement your beachwear or complete your summer look.  Below are some of the eye-catching pieces that you can wear with your sexy bikini.

Gold and sterling silver

For a classy look, the sterling silver and gold bangles or loop earrings are the favorite choice of some women.  These glittering metals are ideal for dark-colored swimwear, such as red and black ones.  The best thing about gold and silver items is that they go well with tan skin and are still attractive even from a distance.

Glass and rock crystal

For a wider range of color options, you can look into good pieces that are made of crystal and glass.  Rock crystals can be authentic or imitation.  The glass jewelry is also a great beachwear must-have and is also less expensive than the rock crystal.

Shell pieces

Shells incorporated into your swimwear are also trendy objects to have while on the beach.  They come in bracelets, anklets, and necklaces, among others, with ranging colors and designs.  Shell accessories go particularly well with Hawaiian and floral printed swimsuits.

Tribal-inspired accessories

Tribal-themed adornments are a great choice if you do not have the budget for more expensive items.  These may include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets made from seeds, leather, beads, and ceramics.  Tribal jewelry goes well with bathing suits that have exotic designs such as animal and jungle prints.

Choosing the right piece

For a bold look, choose colors for your these fashion items that clash with your beachwear.  The combination can be trendy and very attractive.  If you want the classic elegance, black and white accessories are what you should wear.  Jewelry pieces with spring and autumn shades are also among the coolest types this summer.  Many trend setters also recommend larger ones with a circular or geometrical shape.

Bikini swimsuit

Where to shop for these items

You can shop for these in your usual brick and mortar fashion stores and boutiques near you.  For a wider variety of choices, you can buy these from online specialty shops.  Usually, specialty shops provide catalog and short descriptions.  Some of these stores are also known for offering discount prices to loyal customers.  Before buying, you should take a look into various stores to compare the quality and the prices of the items.