Sport Bikini Swimsuit

As I start preparing for the upcoming summer months, inevitably bikinis consume my mind. Wishfully planning for my days to be spent mostly at the beach, either on a boat, playing sports, or relaxing with friends, my idea of stocking up on some bikinis is easily justified, and that’s just as I did.

Considering how active I am on the beach, whether it’s jet skiing, playing volleyball or football, or surfing, I was searching for a sport bikini swimsuit that was sexy and minimal for every day wear at the beach, yet providing enough coverage and support to be able to partake in the fun!

To my excitement, I found just the sport bikini swimsuit I needed at To fit the description of a bikini that I was looking for, I found Twisted Back Triangle Tops and Shorties. This suit is exactly it. The top is double sided so that it hugs my boobs in place and provides a lot more coverage than a single lined bikini top. My favorite part about it, it is a racerback style and has NO ties. This being said, it’s just the sport bikini swimsuit I was looking for: the support on the top keeps you put and enhances (even gives me some cleavage!), and the back, even though it has a sexy variation to any standard bikini and draws attention to the underrated lines of your back, it provides the sturdiness I need.

I couldn’t stop with just the perfect top, and to finalize the match comes the SHORTIE, my new favorite bikini bottom! It is a boyshort cut and who doesn’t like the boyshort? It is seductive enough to grab attention but never gives up too much! And let me tell you…the pucker on the butt, works wonders on the tushy!! And in my case, works perfect as a sport bikini bottom.

My only complication arose when I found the options I had for the colors. Found the perfect sport bikini swimsuit, one that I can use for everything, and now I had options for colors: black, pinks, green, a few blues and even purple. BUT, being a problem solver, I handled this issue in true quick fashion – I bought a few different colors for the twisted back triangle top and the shorties so that I can mix and match ALL SUMMER LONG 😉