Micro Bikini Swimsuit

A micro bikini swimsuit will incredibly cover less than your standard two-piece, and those who are brave enough to wear one benefits from getting a good tan and enjoying their sunbathing, with almost nothing on.   With the much-coveted figure, you can also draw the eyes of the crowd to your precious curves.  To pull off an even sexier look, some have decided to add a tatoo to go with their skimpy bikinis.  Aside from oversized hats, sunglasses, and beach bags, some consider these ink artworks as another good “accessory” to wearing a two-piece.

With a tattoo, you can look fab and funky, or sexy and daring.  Tats are also used by some women to cover up their nasty marks.  With more and more celebrities and models wearing these on their lower backs, they have become a fad.

Skin ink designs for your micro bikinis

There are thousands of artistic patterns for your skin to choose from, but among the most popularly seen on women in their bikinis are butterfly, angels, wings, rose, heart, letters, and tribal designs.  Women who don’t only strive to look sexy but also have some mystery may opt for elements such as dragon, snake, skull, and phoenix.  These days, the fusion between traditional and modern themes also make for great tats.

Popular tattoo spots

Some women prefer to have their tattoos on parts that can be hidden with their everyday clothing, but one they can flaunt when wearing their their two-piece.  One of the most popular spots is the lower back.  An attractive tat looks so sexy on this because the rear is often one of the most eye-catching parts of the female body. The left shoulder, which is traditionally the “feminine shoulder,” is also a favorite choice, as it highlights the shoulder and tones muscles of the upper arm.  It also looks best with a strapless and halter top.  Another popular area is the ankle.  Normally, people wear  strappy sandals or flip flops when strolling along the fine sands. The upper breast is also a great area for permanent or temporary inking for this can lead the eye to your lush curves.

The size of the tattoo will not only depend on your preference but with what would look best on the part of the body you want these prints on.  Like in shopping for your beachwear, you also have to consider your best features as well as the type of bikini you are fond of wearing.  This will help you narrow down the choices for patterns and spots.