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The world was a sad place before 1946.  World War II was in full swing, just about everything was being rationed for the war effort, and swimsuits for women were so long and baggy that looking sexy in your swimwear wasn’t even thought of.  Thankfully the War ended.  And with the war ending came a new hope for a brighter tomorrow – it was a feeling like anything was possible and the sky was the limit.  It was out of this type of optimism and passion for all things new and creative that the bikini swimsuit was born in 1946.  Granted, these bikinis look pretty timid by today’s standards, but in 1946 they were much more risque. The bikini itself is named for the Bikini Atoll, site of America’s nuclear bomb testing.  It was thought that a swimsuit that covered so little would garner as much attention as an atomic blast.

Times have certainly changed since 1946.  The bikini swimsuit has gotten progressively smaller over the years, reflecting society’s attitudes toward how much skin is acceptable to show off in public.  Some bikinis are so small that they can actually land you in jail, so its important to check your local laws before going out and buying that tiny string bikini.

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Types of Bikini Tops

The Triangle Top is probably the most common bikini top on the market today. It’s classic shape is timeless and looks great on almost any physique.  Variations on the triangle top include the “enhanced” triangle top, cut especially to accentuate surgically enhanced breasts.
The Bandeau Top in it’s simplest form is nothing more than a wide piece of fabric wrapped around the chest.  Fancier versions can be multiple pieces, usually tied or bound in the front with some sort of decoration.  In the case of the picture above, using crystal rings.

The Butterfly Top is named for it’s shape.  Most butterfly tops have cups that are adjustable so you can easily decide how much skin you want to expose to the sun.  Quite handy for tanning purposes!
The Sweetheart Top looks great on just about every body, and it’s extra coverage still manages to retain a good bit of sex appeal.  The sweetheart is about the most supportive bikini top money can buy.

Now that you know a thing or two about bikini swimsuits, its time to go shopping! Even if its not summer, bikini shopping can be done any time on the Web. Just type “micro bikini” into your favorite search engine and you’re bound to find a bikini that perfectly fits your unique style.

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